HS Istanbul Donation Campaign

Hackerspace Istanbul is founded, but we need your support in order to become alive.

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What is Hackerspace Istanbul?

Hackerspace Istanbul is a workplace to have fun with the technical facilities gathered together by the contributers and a social environment to work together and creating events; for the people, who are interested in computers, electronics, technology, Internet, DIY and such kind of subjects.

What is Hacking?

It is hard to write a simple definition of something as varied as hacking, but I think what these activities have in common is playfulness, cleverness, and exploration. Thus, hacking means exploring the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness. Activities that display playful cleverness have "hack value".
-- “On Hacking” - Richard Stallman

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Who are the members and how many? Is there a "administrator"?

HS has 7 members right now. Membership is carried out with reference system. There is no administrator, HS is an temporary autonomous zone. You can find more information about membership and current members on the links below.

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What about your budget, how are you keep HS alive?

Hackerspace Istanbul stays alive only with the membership fees and incoming donations. Those are the only income sources. You can view our financial situation on the links below, also you can donate if you wish.

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When is the place open? Can we just come in and study?

We have open house meetings on every Wednesday on 20:00 GMT+3. By joining to those open meetings, you can meet and mingle with members and other users. You can come to the place and work on your projects, when the place opens.

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Are there any events? Can we organize one?

We are planning to organize events on HS regularly. If you have a request about organizing an event which meets with our protocol, please contact us.

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